su:Swith user  切换用户,切换到root用户
cat: Concatenate  串联
uname: Unix name  系统名称
df: Disk free  空余硬盘
du: Disk usage 硬盘使用率
chown: Change owner 改变所有者
chgrp: Change group 改变用户组
ps:Process Status  进程状态
tar:Tape archive 解压文件
chmod: Change mode 改变模式
umount: Unmount 卸载
ldd:List dynamic dependencies 列出动态相依
insmod:Install module 安装模块
rmmod:Remove module 删除模块
lsmod:List module 列表模块
alias :Create your own name for a command
bash :GNU Bourne-Again Shell  linux内核 
grep:global regular expression print
httpd :Start Apache
ipcalc :Calculate IP information for a host
ping :Send ICMP ECHO_Request to network hosts
reboot: Restart your computer
sudo:Superuser do
/bin = BINaries 
/dev = DEVices 
/etc = ETCetera 
/lib = LIBrary 
/proc = PROCesses 
/sbin = Superuser BINaries 
/tmp = TeMPorary 
/usr = Unix Shared Resources 
/var = VARiable ? 
FIFO = First In, First Out 
GRUB = GRand Unified Bootloader 
IFS = Internal Field Seperators 
LILO = LInux LOader 
MySQL = My最初作者的名字SQL = Structured Query Language 
PHP = Personal Home Page Tools = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor 
PS = Prompt String 
Perl = "Pratical Extraction and Report Language" = "Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister" 
Python Monty Python's Flying Circus 
Tcl = Tool Command Language 
Tk = ToolKit 
VT = Video Terminal 
YaST = Yet Another Setup Tool 
apache = "a patchy" server 
apt = Advanced Packaging Tool 
ar = archiver 
as = assembler 
bash = Bourne Again SHell 
bc = Basic (Better) Calculator 
bg = BackGround 
cal = CALendar 
cat = CATenate 
cd = Change Directory 
chgrp = CHange GRouP 
chmod = CHange MODe 
chown = CHange OWNer 
chsh = CHange SHell 
cmp = compare 
cobra = Common Object Request Broker Architecture 
comm = common 
cp = CoPy 
cpio = CoPy In and Out 
cpp = C Pre Processor 
cups = Common Unix Printing System 
cvs = Current Version System 
daemon = Disk And Execution MONitor 
dc = Desk Calculator 
dd = Disk Dump 
df = Disk Free 

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